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Interactive Stories Set in Ancient Rome & Greece

Fabulae, meaning "stories" in Latin, is a group of Interactive Stories set in Ancient Rome and Greece. By 'interactive story,' we mean that you can actually add your own portion to an ongoing story which many others have begun. The Fabulae system was designed and developed using the Dreambook Guestbook system. Fabulae is a good example of the versatility of this system.

There are currently five different stories that you can read and add on to. When you write, please try to stay on-topic and add nothing which could be deemed obscene or derogatory. Feel free to add HTML coding into your portion of the story; spice it up with interesting images and text styles.

Fabulae can be especially fun for students in Latin and Greek classes to work with, because of the infinite creative possibilities. Do you have ideas for new storylines? Suggestions on how to make Fabulae better? Fabulae is brand new, and any input that you can provide is great!

Last Update: 25 September 1998
(c) 1997-1998 Matt Webb & The Maryland Junior Classical League

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