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Minutes from August EB meeting

Here's the minutes for our meeting Saturday: :-)

I don't know when it officially began, since I didn't take notes until about 30 minutes after it started (oops...). The meeting ended around 2:40 p.m.

In attendance: Ms. Carter, Matt, Samip, Danny, Brian, Jason, Liz, Nina

Topics discussed:

I. Secretary

Since Krystyna couldn't attend the meeting, I filled in as secretary, and will complete her assignments until she's able to do so :o)

II. Fall Event Planning

NAME: Matt made a motion to officially name the event "Autumnalia;" Ms. Carter seconded it. Six voted for, two against (I still think its too cutesy!), and the event is officially Autumnalia.

DATE: After much discussion, the executive board set Thursday, November 5th, 1998 as the date of Autumnalia.

LOCATION: A suitable location must be found by the end of the month. Several locations were discussed; in Columbia, Liz found two Interfaith Centers, Oakland Mills and Wildlake. Oakland Mills has:

-fields for Ludi events,

-about ten conference rooms, seating 15-30 each,


-a large meeting that seats about 350, and

-chairs for the rooms.

However, the center runs a small daycare in several of the rooms, but that shouldn't be a problem. Ms. Carter and Matt anticipate a discount on the prices if we decide to use this facility. Wildlake is $400/hour, seating about 400 people, with a rentable microphone system, rentable rooms, and probably lots of other stuff but it's extremely expensive. Also, the center is under construction that is supposed to end in early October, but it may run into early November. Matt found two churches, one in Annapolis (St. Mary's), and one in Crofton, (St. James?). He's looking into both those locations. Danny suggested holding Autumnalia at a MNCPPC rec center, which are probably smaller but cheaper than other possible facilities. Danny also suggested a college, if no other locations are found.

SCHEDULE: After much discussion, an entire hour was cut from the schedule. The new schedule is as follows:
Registration 9:30-10:00 Nationals Display 9:30-10:00 General Assembly I 10:00-10:30 Opening Remarks by Matt Intro of Officers and Offices Instructions Condensed Traditional Roman Wedding 10:30-11:00 Teaching Materials Display 10:30-1:30 Nationals Display 10:30-1:30 Ludi Mentis 11:00-12:00 Movie 11:00-12:00 Wedding Reception 11:30-12:00 Chariot Race 12:00-12:30 Ludi Corporis 12:00-1:00 Wedding Reception 12:00-1:00 Movie 12:00-1:00 Latin Club Officers Workshop 12:00-12:30 Prandium 1:00-1:30 Illa Oblectio Est 1:00-1:30 General Assembly II 1:30-2:00 Awards Presentation Invitation to Join MDJCL Invitation to State Convention Closing Remarks by Matt

TEACHING MATERIALS/NATIONALS DISPLAY: The teaching materials display and nationals display will be an all-day exhibit in a high traffic area that is easily guarded, with each officer taking turns guarding it.

WEDDING RECEPTION: The Wedding Receptions will be various party games with a Latin theme, such as Pin the Knife on Caesar or Pin the Sword on the Centurian.

MOVIES: The movies shown have not yet been determined, but some suggestions were "Lucius: Boy of Rome" :-) ("Lucius was no longer a boy; now Lucius is a man. He remembers the promise of the bulla...") and other various mythology and culture movies. There will be two one-hour movies shown, or a single two-hour movie in two segments.

LATIN CLUB OFFICERS WORKSHOP: The Latin Club Officers Workshop will be run by Danny. Local Latin Club officers will attend and discuss ideas about promoting their Latin clubs, etc., and then Danny will pass out information about running for a state office and entertain any questions. Although it is only scheduled for 30 minutes, it will probably run over a little but that's okay :O)

THAT'S ENTERTAINMENT: Illa Oblectatio Est will be a judged talent show. All participants must pre-register and are required to attend a mandatory rehearsal at Linganore High School on October 17, 1998. If there are not enough participants then the show may be cut.

LUNCH: Lunch will be half an hour long, immediately before General Assembly II. Schools may either pre-order large cheese or pepperoni pizzas and 2 liter bottles of soda or have students bring their own lunches. The MDJCL will provide cups, napkins, plates, etc.

LUDI MENTIS: There will be three rounds of 15 questions each. Each question will have one bonus. The majority of the questions will not deal with grammar, and questions should be pretty easy since the students will only have had about 8 weeks of school.

ROLL CALL: There will be no roll call at Autumnalia.

PICTURE EXCHANGE: The picture exchange will take place on two days: at the next planning meeting, Thursday, October 1, 1998, at 4:30 p.m. at Martin Luther King, Jr. Academic Center, and at the rehearsal for That's Entertainment, October 17, 1998, at Linganore High School.

PLANNING DUTIES: Everyone was assigned an event to plan.

Wedding: Krystyna, Matt, and Brian

Ludi Mentis: Samip, Danny, and Liz

Chariot/Ludi Corporis: Samip

Wedding Reception: Nina and Danny

That's Entertainment: Brian, Jason, Matt, Ms. Carter, Liz, and anyone else who can attend the rehearsal on October 17 at Linganore

Nationals Display: Liz

Teaching Display:
gathering information: Ms. Carter and Brian planning: Jason

III. Autumnalia Publicity

ADDITIONAL SCHOOLS: All officers in attendance received about six additional schools to contact. Officers should write at least two letters to each school, then call the Latin teacher. If the teacher cannot be reached by phone, write another letter. Matt suggested placing your home address on the letters as many teachers will throw anything from the MDJCL out (!). Letters should discuss Autumnalia, for example, mention the wedding, raffles, the many games to participate in, FREE materials, and the entire concept of a day-long field trip. The schools need to be contacted by letters and phone before the first mailing.

NEWSPAPER ADS: Placing ads in local newspapers would be a great way to publicize. Comment by Matt: "You will do whatever I say to do, whenever I say to do it."

IV. First Mailing

The first mailing will include letters from the prez and VP, the Lapsus Linguae, Autumnalia information and registration packets, and possibly including testimonials and quilt information. No membership forms will be included.

V. Lapsus Linguae

Volume V Issue I of the Lapsus Linguae must be submitted to Ms. Brogan by the first week of September. An officer bio, ancient quote, introduction to Autumnalia, letters from Liz, Jason, Brian, and Matt, a cover story, Latin teacher day on October 10, nationals report (this was discussed while I was talking to Ms. Brogan, so I don't really know what you guys decided...oh, by the way, Ms. Brogan said to tell you all that she said hi :-), and ads from those who donated prizes. Brian will put a newsletter on the website, and all submissions must be to Jason by Tuesday, August 18.

VII. Technology Issues

WEBMASTER: Brian's title remains "Webmaster."

ICQ: All officers should download the version of ICQ for their computer ASAP (if they can...) so we can try out the software. It'll make meetings much easier, and it's free!

VIII. Additional Topics Discussed

QUILT: Liz and I will make a flier about the quilt to put in the first mailing. Each officer, school, and maybe county will do a block (size not yet determined). No materials will be provided. Blocks will be completed before Autumnalia and then collected there, and if there are enough blocks Liz and I will machine piece them together. The centerpiece will be a block for the MDJCL. Then the quilt and quilt rack can be raffled off at State Convention. If there aren't enough blocks, well...someone will win a very nifty quilt rack, one way or another :-)

GLENN M. KNUDSVIG: A card will be sent to the family.

RAFFLE: Raffle tickets will be sold at Autumnalia for $1-2. Extra prizes can be raffled off (like passes to the Olympus Gym!) as well as $10 discounts off of MDJCL membership. Officers and their schools are not eligible to win the $10 discount.

BUDGET: Don't spend any money in the MDJCL's name and expect to be reimbursed, it won't happen. If you need to buy something for the MDJCL, make sure it's okay before you do so! We're broke!